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For many generations, the public school educated the students on the history of the community, with that almost non existant today, where can you go to get a cultural view of the past to understand where we are today and begin to help invest in the future of this vital hub City.


Learning about the various cultures of the area and how they have blended to form the Coolidge of today, is the vision of the Copper State Heritage Museum.


So how can we best educate in this fast paced world- use all the tools available that can provide a cultural foundation, build undertsanding and share stories of the past that bring Coolidge to life. We are dedicated to marry the electronic age with the "hard copy" past so the look and feel of the culture becomes real for the visitor,

A Look to the Past

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Long time resident farmer in Coolidge, AZ Robert "Bob" Skousen is an adept storyteller and speaks to life during the Great Depression.

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