Copper State Heritage Museum and Learning Center
Copper State Heritage Museumand Learning Center

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We are in the formative stage of developing the Copper State Historical Museum and we will require dedicated volunteers to bring life and energy to the museum and help us fulfill its mission. You are important to make that happen and there will always be a place for you.


No matter what your experience level, interest, age, gender or any other personal quality there is something for you to do. Come and join us and build something from nothing.


Our other primary emphasis is upon learning. We intend to become a quality learning center for adults and children alike. We want to be a resource center and intend to work with the area educational institutions to provide research services and well as knowledgeable people and exhibits that bring the heritage of the area to life.


If you are interested in becoming part of the team, go to Contact Us and indicate your interest in volunteering.


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Copper State Heritage Museum

Located in- Artisan Village of Coolidge

Suite Eighteen

351 N. Arizona Boulevard

Coolidge, AZ 85128

Phone: (520) 723-3009


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