Copper State Heritage Museum and Learning Center
Copper State Heritage Museumand Learning Center

Welcome to the Copper State Heritage  Museum and Learning Center

From the earliest recorded history of the area which still can be seen at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument at the entrance to Coolidge and the village-like setting of the City the visitor will come into contact with the rich and varied heritage of the area.

The history goes generations back and the current culture of the area is the result of the blending of the many cultures who called this area home. With these different cultures came the influence the Native American, Hispanic, and African American communities brought and influenced the blended heritage of the area. These were blended with the mining, farming and ranching families who further developed the area. From our ancient roots, the early days of Arizona Territory, our rich mining and agricultural heritage, to the present-day beauty of the desert and the natural environment- all these make us who and what we are today. Hopefully, this view into our past gives us a clear vision of what we can become. We invite you to share in the journey.

Vicky Skousen Shaw Named Curator of the Copper State Heritage Museum

Copper State Heritage Museum Open  Saturday 9am to 12pm.

From Ruins to Renaissance

The Coolidge Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc presents the Copper State Heritage Museum in Coolidge, Arizona. The Museum is located on the grounds of the Artisan Village of Coolidge. The Artisan Village team has been hard at work to create an exciting village for artisans and the pursuit of artistic learning ( It was recognized early on that we must honor the heritage of the State of Arizona and especially our local heritage. We could think of no finer way than to establish a museum that will allow the community and visitors alike to experience and share in this heritage. We fully expect this museum to be a place to experience the heritage and well as to become a center for learning excellence. We will join hands to partner with the Coolidge Historical Society and Museum, the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument as well as other organizations to bring our heritage alive. 

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Copper State Heritage Museum

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